What is a GDPR Privacy Policy?

GDPR compliant Privacy Policy Nixon Digital blog 58 - What is a GDPR Privacy Policy? - Nixon Digital

In this blog post you will learn about the importance of having a privacy policy and how the GDPR has affected your privacy policy.

Third party risk management

third party blog 54 - What is third-party risk management? - Nixon Digital

By the end, you will understand what a third-party risk assessment entails, what the risks are, and how to prevent legal action, regulatory action, financial losses, reputation damage, and revenue loss.

How Data Privacy Leads to Greater Consumer Trust

Data privacy blog 53- How Prioritizing Data Privacy Leads to Greater Consumer Trust blog card - Nixon Digital

Data privacy is a crucial and widely discussed topic, especially when large companies face issues related to privacy compliance. In this blog, we will explore data privacy and its significance in establishing consumer trust.

What are the basics of a DPIA

What are the basics of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Nixon Digital blog 51 - Risk management and Data protection impact assessment - Nixon Digital

Discover the essentials of DPIA, a vital risk management tool for organizations. Learn its benefits, process overview, and tips for successful implementation.

Data driven compliance

data driven compiance card 47 - What is data-driven compliance? - Nixon Digital

Data-driven compliance is becoming an increasingly common word. Learn about what data driven comlpiance is and how it offers benefits for your company.