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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers, provided by our team of privacy specialists and legal analysts. 

About Nixon Digital

Nixon Digital helps teams stay ahead of problems with insights on website compliance, certificate expirations, security alerts, website performance, and more.
Nixon Digital offers several end-to-end services to help you regain control. Take control of your website portfolio and streamline your team’s workflow with our services. Achieve compliance, improve website effectiveness, and minimize security risks with our services. Would you like to learn more about our end-to-end services? Please visit our services page or book a demo to chat one-on-one about how Nixon Digital can assist your business.
Nixon Digital assists businesses with regulatory compliance through automated audits and insights related to compliance, privacy, and security. We offer automated compliance audits that cover consent management platforms to ensure adherence to regulations like GDPR. The platform provides continuous audits and real-time updates on security alerts and certificate expirations. The user-friendly dashboard allows businesses to monitor performance, compliance, and security, presenting actionable tasks for immediate attention.
Yes, we offer support and training to help users make the most of their platform. We provide resources, documentation, and may offer personalized training sessions or demos upon request. We also provide post-launch support and maintenance services to ensure your website portfolio continue to perform optimally.
Nixon Digital offers solutions for companies of all sizes, including ensuring compliance for all your domains. However, Nixon Digital becomes particularly relevant when you have 30+ websites.
Nixon Digital constantly tracks changes in laws and regulations, and we strive to implement these changes into our platform as soon as possible.
We know it can be hard for corporations to comply with external legislation like GDPR and AVG. Therefore, Nixon Digital offers a free demo to explore the possibilities of our platform with one of our experts through a 45-minute virtual experience. Let’s connect and see how we can be of service to your organization.

The Nixon Platform

IT Department can get a complete overview of all their domains and manage their entire website portfolio efficiently. Privacy officers can enforce privacy and cookie consent standardization across all your digitally exposed assets. Marketers can review process for enhanced efficiency, speed, and effectiveness in performance management.
Nixon Digital allows you to gain a comprehensive view of your website portfolio, discover more digital assets, and obtain an overview of your entire website portfolio. We provide automated checks, a user-friendly tool, and valuable insights and recommendations to improve the overall health of your website.
Nixon Digital differs from other tools in the market with our outstanding is that our platform has so many solutions on privacy, marketing, user/finding and management of a website portfolio. And that this can all be done in a platform where one can easily perform analysis and allocate tasks in a dashboard.
The Nixon platform is not static, like most CMDB’s. It actively scans for changes and updates and once a change is detected, the Nixon platform will trigger the responsible team. The platform can send a trigger to the privacy team to conduct a privacy impact assessment (PIA). These triggers are configurable to fit your needs. When our scanners detect a potential risk, the Nixon platform can automatically create a support ticket in your favourite ticket system and assign it to the responsible person.
Our platform easily integrates and works with leading software that you are already using, including:  
  • Amazone Web Server;
  • Azure;
  • CBC;
  • Email;
  • Jira;
  • Lighthouse Performance;
  • Markmonitor;
  • OneTrust;
  • Orange Business Server;
  • ServiceNow;
  • Slack;
  • Teams.
By using Nixon Digital, you ensure that you are fully in control of your website portfolio. Discover your total website portfolio; register your assets in one single source of truth, scan for compliance issues, report, and initiate action.  
  • Save Time: Do more in less time.
  • Take Action: Enforce automatically.
  • Keep Track: Know the impact.
  • Prioritize: Address bigger threats first.
No, the platform is not difficult to navigate. With our onboarding process, you will receive a complete tour of our platform, allowing you to become familiar with it inside and out. However, if you ever find yourself lost on our platform, please feel free to ask one of our experts!


The cost of using our platform varies depending on the service and plan you choose. We offer different plans tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Our pricing structure is designed to provide flexibility and value for your business.
Our cost include not only access to our platform but also a 10-week onboarding period. During your onboarding period, we will work closely with you to ensure a good integration and provide necessary training and support.
You can find more information about our services and costs on our prices page. Click here to visit our prices page and explore the different plans we offer. Each plan is outlines with its features.

Who to contact

You can book a demo to chat one-on-one about how Nixon Digital can help your business. We also offer a free website compliance check where we give you a glimpse of what our platform can do, that determines your compliance score and urgent issues.
Yes, you can! Please contact us or send an email to We’ll be happy to give you a free online demo.
You can contact us by phone at +31 72 5129516 or by email at Our office is located at Keesomstraat 10e, 1812 BS Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

General questions about web compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of rules and regulations that protects the personal data of individuals within Europe. Violations of the GDPR can occur in different ways, including:  
  • Insufficient consent.
  • Data breaches;
  • Failure to fulfil data subject rights;
  • Non-compliance with data protection principles;
  • Transferring data without adequate safeguards;
  • Lack of data protection impact assessments;
  • Non-compliance with lawful bases.
GDPR cookie consent refers to the explicit consent required from users before websites and online platforms can place cookies or similar trackers on their devices. Under the GDPR, websites and online platforms must inform users about the use of cookies, their types, and their purpose, and obtain explicit consent before setting these cookies. Consent must be freely given, specific, and informed. Users must also have the option to opt-out of their choices, and the website should not restrict access to its content when a user has not given consent.
The GDPR primarily applies to the processing data of users within Europe and the European Economic Area (EEA). The GDPR can also apply tot non-EU users in certain circumstances. The GDPR may apply when a non-EU citizens personal data is processed by an organisation that is established in the EU and offers products and services to EU users, or if the organisation monitors the behavior of users in the EU. Click here for more information about GDPR Compliance for Non-European Companies
Software-as-a-service, or SaaS, is a type of application software, hosted in the cloud and made available via a web browser or mobile app. Purchasing a SaaS platform is becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits it offers, including convenience, flexibility and scalability.