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Curious about the compliance of your Website Portfolio? With our free Website Compliance Check you get insights about the maturity level of your organization in terms of digital safety and compliance. Demo scan image with a laptop and images of cookie consent, compliance score and most important findings.

Gain an accurate representation of
what you own

Bird eye view

Obtain a thorough comprehension of your compliance environment through a single, intelligent, user-friendly, and secure tool.


Remove any obstacles that could harm your brand reputation and affect your users' experience.


With this tool, you can easily convey your compliance levels to important stakeholders and your compliance team.

Optimize your website performance

Optimize your marketing review process for enhanced efficiency, speed, and effectiveness in performance management.

Interested in how we can make your organisation future proof?

Website Discovery

Use our Discover Module to eliminate the fear of unknown websites and have an up-to-date overview of your website portfolio. We discover 15% more websites than you were initially aware of.

Cookie Consent

Enforce standardization of privacy and cookie consent mechanisms across all your digitally exposed assets. Go to the next level with your exisiting Cookie Consent solution

Compliance and Consistency

Control and monitor all marketing campaign assets with our Nixon Platform, regardless of vendor or technology.

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One platform to manage all your IT assets

Nixon Digital provides an IT Assets Management Software that enables businesses to centrally manage and view their IT assets all over the world.