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Are my Cookie banners (CMP) working?


Are my Cookie banners (CMP) working?

It is not a given that a cookie banner functions as intended. People often think that once a cookie banner is implemented, it works correctly and that cookies and trackers are automatically blocked. But this is not the case. Moreover, people are often not even aware of which cookies or trackers are being set.

The Challenge

The impact of this issue is quite significant, especially if you have many websites. If your cookie banners are inconsistent or don't work properly, you could end up not complying with privacy laws, which can result in reputational damage, fines and/ or legal troubles.

Additionally, if users can't see or control what cookies and trackers are being used, it can lead to a loss of trust and harm your brand's reputation. Managing multiple websites only adds to these challenges, making it importantto have reliable and effective cookie consent solutions in place across all your sites.

The Solution

With the Nixon Platform, you maintain complete control over your website's cookie compliance. Our intelligent scanners engage with your website's consent banners, alerting you whenever third-party cookies are being set before obtaining user consent.

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