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Our mission and vision

Nixon Digital values digital privacy, security, and maturity. We prioritize these concerns to maintain high standards and ensure a flawless digital landscape.

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Nixon Digital About page with a fist in the air with the text ''how it started''

How it started

Nixon Digital emerged as a result of the partnership between Connect2Crowd and Triple. Connect2Crowd is an expert consultancy firm that assists multinational corporations in their digital transformation journey. Meanwhile, Triple specializes in creating remarkable digital experiences.

By integrating our automated software platform with the expertise of our specialists, we provide a comprehensive solution. Our goal is to assist you in identifying, organizing, and managing your customer-facing applications, allowing you to have a better grasp of your digital environment. As a result, you can minimize potential risks and uncover fresh possibilities.

Nixon Digital About page with a fist in the air with the text ''how it started''

Create your own succes

Relying solely on software cannot fully solve all of your challenges. Our approach is to combine intelligent tools with skilled professionals, resulting in exceptional outcomes. It’s great to resolve issues quickly, but constantly dealing with the same problem is not productive. Our team of experts utilizes data from the Nixon platform to identify trends, pinpoint the root cause of issues, and assist you in creating a comprehensive, enduring compliance plan. With this, you can rest easy at night, confident that all your digital assets adhere to relevant requirements at all times.

Nixon Digital About page with a flagg on a mountain and the text 'Create your own succes'
Nixon Digital About page with a fist in the air and the text ''how it started''

The Nixon software platform

With the Nixon Platform, you can take control of all your digital assets by automating the auditing of compliance, privacy, and security for your website. Nixon Digital provides a dashboard that updates in real-time and presents you with a list of prioritized, actionable tasks that you can address right away. Additionally, the platform integrates with your preferred workflow or ticketing system, making it easy to manage any issues that arise.

Nixon Digital About page with a fist in the air and the text ''how it started''

Interested in how we can make your organisation future proof?

The Nixon Platform is a tool that provides you with valuable information and authority over your website portfolio. With this tool, you can rest assured that privacy issues will be prevented through lasting modifications. Additionally, our team of expert consultants is available to assist you in taking your website to the next level.