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How Bejo went from non-compliant to fully compliant.

Implementation of Cookie Consent Management for over 50+ Websites in less than two months for GDPR compliance and continued to roll out and optimise after the initial rollout. 

Problem & Challenges

Bejo, with multiple websites in over 35 countries worldwide are using an international web agency and a popular Content Management System (CMS) to manage these websites. 

Local marketers can make content changes and implement functionalities powered by third parties. These changes are centrally controlled, so they felt that they were compliant. However, teams in countries like Italy, Spain, and Germany are concerned about compliance with GDPR and local regulations.  

A firmer grip on their external websites

While the central team understands the questions, they lack the knowledge to conclude whether the websites are compliant. They are aware that Google Analytics is used, but the challenges came from local teams who have a local regulator ban on using Google Analytics. 

Not only that, but the company is also using third party technologies. The use of third-party tools such as Google Analytics, YouTube, AddtoAny and Google Maps, which collect personal information such as IP addresses, poses a compliance risk. 

They were unaware that some of their websites were not compliant with GDPR and local regulations, despite having a ‘cookie consent banner’. Their cookie banner only informed their users, but did not allow them to control their personal information. 

The solution needed to be compliant.

Bejo was looking for a solution that would help them achieve compliance. To achieve compliance, it is critical to implement a solution that meets the necessary requirements. These requirements include: 

Benefits After Implementation:

Implementing a Cookie Management Platform is not the most difficult task; however, implementing a Cookie Strategy in such a way that if you do not give consent for a certain cookie category, you then also cannot use third-party technologies such as YouTube and Google Analytics, is something else. As part of our onboarding process, we organized workshops about the importance of migrating from the current non-compliance situation to a fully compliant situation for consent management. 

A combined solution using Google Tag Manager and CookiePro was implemented to determine whether or not a cookie (third party, such as YouTube and Vimeo) should be fired. Bejo does not have to worry about their CMP. We took care of the entire implementation process from start to finish and maintenance.

How did Nixon Digital help Bejo?

Start Your Website Compliance Journey

Nixon Digital is your solution for Consent Management. We can implement a CMP (Consent Management Platform) using OneTrust or CookiePro. With the Nixon platform we can monitor the implementation and check if third party cookies are still being set. With our platform, you’ll be notified of hidden pages and know what third party technologies are being used on your website. Follow the steps in our success story to transform your online presence and reap the benefits of a fully compliant website. Start your cookie compliance journey today! 

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