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Corporate Enterprises

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The Nixon Platform empowers corporate enterprises to gain control and insight over their website portfolio, ensuring strategic management and enhanced control.

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Corporate enterprises operating globally with multiple brands encounter a significant challenge: optimizing for customer experience while maintaining control and oversight over an extensive website portfolio across departments and continents. Especially in large companies where Digital, Marketing, IT, Security and Privacy teams work in silos, poor collaboration limits innovation and slow response to market changes. Mismanaged resources result in overspending and inefficiency. Poor coordination causes projects to delay and miscommunication. Ineffective change management disrupts operations and delay benefits realization.


The Nixon Platform enables Corporate Enterprises a way of working that allows control over their entire Website Portfolio. The platform enables a (partially) decentralized management strategy and features Website Discovery, Real-Time Monitoring & Insights, and decentralized Findings Management in one place. Insights into Efficiency, Cost Reductions, Compliance checks, and Security Improvements are available to all your relevant colleagues. With the Nixon Platform, businesses can adeptly handle the difficulties of operating on a global scale, ensuring every site meets both global and local standards and regulations. It simplifies the complex process of website portfolio management, turning it into a efficient, streamlined, and cost effective process.

Benefits of the Nixon Platform


Work efficiently together with colleagues in one platform and no longer be swamped by always outdated Excel files.

Website health

Understand the health of your total w
Website Portfolio with one click.


Have insights in the way issues are being dealt with in a decentralized, global operation.


Improve your sleep by knowing what's going on all the time.


Free up time to work on improving the status quo instead of being distracted by stuff you could have prevented.

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The Nixon Platofrm is available in 3 Plans. If you're not sure about which Plan is right for you, let us know by contacting us with the button below.

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With the Nixon Platform, you can take control of all your digital assets by automating auditing compliance, privacy, and security for your website