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Website Lifecycle Management

Website Lifecycle Management

Enhancing Your Portfolio Strategy

The Nixon Platform elevates your digital strategy by providing comprehensive website lifecycle management, optimizing every aspect of your online presence.


Large companies face the challenge of effectively managing the lifecycle of numerous websites across their portfolio, requiring a strategy that optimizes their digital presence while addressing the complexities of global operations. What assets are still live that should be cleaned up and decommissioned? How is your technical health and how big is your technical debt? What Platforms are you running where and where can you improve? Are there new websites that need to be onboarded into Security and Privacy programs? Are there technologies running that are no longer needed and can you save money by centralizing technologies? Btw, that Hotjar implementation that has been running for 2 years is probably not being looked at much anymore.


The Nixon Platform delivers a solution to the challenge large corporations face in managing the lifecycle of their website portfolio. It navigates the dynamic nature of these portfolios, tracking when websites are launched or decommissioned. Nixon offers a proprietary solution for this, but also boasts the flexibility of integrating with existing company systems. This dual capability ensures that corporations can maintain an up-to-date overview of their digital footprint, facilitating seamless transitions throughout each website's lifecycle and ensuring alignment with the company's broader digital strategy.

Benefits of the Nixon Platform


always know what's new, life and who is responsible


have a single view on the scope of Privacy and Security programs


work in a decentralized way, leaving the responsibility at the website owners while having controls in place centrally

Domain Control

be able to clean up all those old Domains and DNS entries because you know which ones you need to keep for running websites

Live Overview

Be informed if websites no longer function well and need to be decommissioned

Technology Control

cancel no longer used technologies

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With the Nixon Platform, you can take control of all your digital assets by automating auditing compliance, privacy, and security for your website