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Website Portfolio Management

Website Portfolio Management

Streamlining Your Digital Assets

The Nixon Platform will efficiently optimize and manage your digital assets, enhancing your online presence through streamlined website portfolio management.


Companies with big website portfolios encounter the challenge of maintaining control and efficiency in managing their digital assets across the globe. Navigating through this landscape demands comprehensive oversight, proactive strategies, and seamless coordination to ensure consistent branding, compliance, and user experience across all portfolio.


The Nixon Platform provides a solution for managing extensive website portfolios by offering a complete overview of all digital assets while also empowering users to identify and delegate potential issues within the portfolio. Through centralized control, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration capabilities, companies can efficiently streamline operations, ensure compliance, and maintain consistency across their global web presence. With the Nixon Platform, users can navigate regulatory requirements, address emerging challenges overcoming the complexities associated with managing large website portfolios.

Benefits of the Nixon Platform


always know what's new, life and who is responsible

Single Overview

have a single view on the scope of Privacy and Security programs

Central Control

work in a decentralized way, leaving the responsibility at the website owners while having controls in place centrally

Domain Management

be able to clean up all those old Domains and DNS entries because you know which ones you need to keep for running websites

Up-to-date overview

Be informed if websites no longer function well and need to be decommissioned

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