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Ensure proper Privacy measures

Learn how the Nixon Platform helps you to verify and enhance your website portfolio's internal compliance and privacy standards.

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Managing many websites across the globe, companies often encounter the challenge of ensuring each site complies with both internal and external privacy and compliance standards. This challenging task demands careful attention to ensure that every site consistently meets all privacy and compliance rules, no matter where it's located.


The Nixon Platform simplifies the management of all your websites, streamlining the process of monitoring privacy and compliance across your digital portfolio. Our solution not only identifies potential issues but also automatically directs tasks to the appropriate individual or department.

Benefits of the Nixon Platform

Full Control

You will be in full control over the way CMPs (cookie banners) deal with Cookies and Trackers.

360° Overview

You will have an overview of all 3rd party technologies used across all sites

Privacy documents

You will know what Privacy documents & notices are shown

Data collected

You will know where across all your websites you are collecting customer data

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