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Take back control over your website portfolio

Take back control over your website portfolio

Ditch Excel chaos for proactive peace

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The Nixon Platform helps companies to Discover and Control their website portfolios. By integrating with your existing systems and using the Platform's cutting-edge Deep Asset Discovery Technology, the Nixon Platform will Discover over 20% websites and domains than you thought you had. This understanding is key to efficient management in terms of your regular website operations, but also for streamlining your Privacy and Security programs.

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The Nixon Platform gives you the power to effectively manage your website portfolio. It does this by combining an inventory of all your Digital Assets and combining that with the Nixon Platforms' propriatary scanning technology. You can look at the Platform like the worlds' most enthausiastic website visitor, logging anything that it sees. This way you will get insight in what happens across your portfolio. You will know what domains you have and wich ones are in active use, which technologies are used where, where all your websites are hosted, if your rules for Website Hygiene are followed, and where Privacy and Security measures are failing.


The Nixon Platform streamlines the process of identifying and delegating website portfolio issues by assigning them to the relevant individuals or departments based on predefined rules. This decentralized approach reduces the burden on central teams and enhances efficiency. The platform also supports integration with tools like ServiceNow, JIRA, Slack, and Teams, facilitating smoother workflows. By involving the right people and creating responsibility, it improves operations and management of online assets (domains, DNS records, applications/websites), making it a crucial tool for enhancing a company's web presence.

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