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Discover how the Nixon Digital Platform enables you to pinpoint, assess, and ensure compliance with the most critical security requirements across your website portfolio.

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Securing an extensive website portfolio presents a challenge for companies operating globally. Application security testing is possible of course but how do you operationalise this across your entire portfolio? Websites are often managed by different partners, agencies and departments, all with their own technology stack. How do you know if the Findings from last OWASP scan have been solved according to SLA? How do you control SSL certificates in a way that it is both secure and renewal is ensured across all these websites?


With the Nixon Digital Platform, navigating complex website portfolios becomes manageable. Our platform allow you to scan and identify security vulnerabilities across all your digital web assets. Findings are automatically assigned to the right people in a decentralized way. This will give you detailed insights without directly intervening in the resolution process. By pinpointing the issues across your entire website portfolio, we offer a strategic advantage. We enable your team to prioritize and implement effective security measures, not as a one-off but for all your websites, continuously. The Nixon Platform stands as a crucial ally, transforming the daunting task of safeguarding your global web presence into an achievable objective.

Benefits of the Nixon Platform

Full Control

Be in full control over your total portfolio of websites' security.


Continuously audit and resolve findings in a decentralized way so the right people are involved directly.


Work with your preferred Application Security Partner in a much more efficient way.


Never have stupid stuff like expiring SSL certificates again, across any of your websites.

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The Nixon Platofrm is available in 3 Plans. If you're not sure about which Plan is right for you, let us know by contacting us with the button below.

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With the Nixon Platform, you can take control of all your digital assets by automating auditing compliance, privacy, and security for your website.