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Domain Management

Optimizing Your Online Presence

The Nixon Platform helps optimize your online presence through its advanced domain management system, ensuring strategic control and efficient management of your digital assets.

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Companies face the challenge of efficiently managing their online presence, encompassing numerous digital assets spread across various domains, DNS entries, platforms, and hosting environments. Navigating through this complex landscape demands strategic control and seamless oversight to ensure consistency, compliance, and optimal performance across all assets. Additionally, significant challenges arise in monitoring which domains are still actively utilized and which have become redundant, leading to unnecessary expenses and security threats.


The Nixon Platform provides a solution that helps identifying a company's online presence, which consists of numerous digital assets across noumerous Domain Providers, DNS entries and hosting environments. The platform facilitates navigation through this landscape by comprehensively mapping the domain landscape. By doing so, it enables monitoring of active and redundant domains, thereby preventing unnecessary expenses and limiting the Security Posture. With this comprehensive solution, the Nixon platform offers the tools to streamline domain management processes effectively.

Benefits of the Nixon Platform

Registration Overview

Know what domains are registered through which Domain Registrar

Domain Overview

What domains, sub-domains, DNS records have been setup and are in use for which purpose


Get insight in unused and legacy domains

Ownership Overview

Get clarity of ownership of Domains and Applications throughout your company

Security Prevention

Clean up old DNS records to prevent Security incidents

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