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Do we comply with privacy regulations on our websites?

Having a large portfolio of websites makes it difficult to continuously ensure that all sites adhere to both internal and external compliance rules. This is important because non-compliance can make your company vulnerable to privacy law violations.

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Cookie banners often fail to work as expected, leaving users unaware of which cookies or trackers are being set

Managing compliance for a large number of websites is tough, but it's crucial. If you don't stay compliant, there can be consequences. First, you risk facing fines and legal issues. Additionally, user trust is on the lineā€”violating privacy laws can damage your reputation and drive customers away. Lastly, dealing with these issues can pull the focus and resources away from the main business activities, making the company less efficient overall.


Ensure Website Compliance with Nixon Platform Monitoring

The Nixon Platform helps you to effectively manage your brand's website compliance. It actively scans and monitors all your websites, ensuring that the platform always keeps you informed with notificationsā€”both within and outside the platformā€”whenever potential issues arise. This allows you to keep control over your entire website portfolio.

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Nixon Digital will give you complete control of your entire website portfolio