Nixon Digital

Embarking on New Horizons: Insights from a Transformative Internship 

Hello there! I’m Jamie Kneebone, a business and IT management student excited to share my experiences as a product owner during my six-month internship at Nixon Digital from September 2023 to January 2024.  

A period of making valuable connections, immersing myself in the dynamic environment of a SAAS startup, and embarking on my first steps in an IT career. In my role as an intern product owner, I was part of the team responsible for maintaining the product backlog, translating ideas into tangible stories in Jira, orchestrating refinement sessions, and charting the course for our roadmap this year.  

At first it felt like jumping into a long-running TV show—so much to catch up on, with challenges that demanded quick adaptation to understand the intricacies of our platform and the relatively new landscape of digital compliance. If someone were to ask me about the highlight of the past six months, the answer comes easily. The standout moment was when, after a few months, I had the opportunity to collaborate on a case that Nixon Digital hadn’t explored before. While website discovery and compliance is Nixon it’s primary product focus, this project allowed me to delve into the realm of website security. I was entrusted with the responsibility to conceptualize and plan this feature from start to finish. After extensive exploration and research, I was part of the team presenting this feature to some major customers. Witnessing their excitement and recognition of the significance of this feature was incredibly fulfilling. The positive reactions validated that we were on the right track, and I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the development team to bring this feature to life in 2024.  

An aspect of this role that I deeply appreciated was understanding the collaborative nature of the process. Being a pivotal part of the journey and contributing to the development of various projects was rewarding.  

On the path to becoming a product owner, I’m learning the importance of starting small but dreaming big. Breaking down substantial tasks into manageable steps not only infused excitement into my work but also facilitated the transformation of ambitious ideas into tangible realities.  

The professionals at Nixon, comprising the experienced team, played a big role in my professional growth. I eagerly look forward to using the knowledge gained during my internship to create even more innovative features for our users. Reflecting on my journey, the most significant lesson extends beyond the realm of work and is applicable to life itself—viewing apparent stumbling blocks as opportunities to prove myself and grow as an individual. I am enthusiastic about embracing more opportunities to learn and refine my skills as I navigate the exciting path of product ownership at Nixon Digital!