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Take back control over your website portfolio

Finally, an all-in-one solution for global teams to get a firm grip on their website’s performance, compliance, and security risk.

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Keep compliance, security, and marketing teams in sync with one solution

Managing 30+ websites is tough. Nixon Digital helps teams stay ahead of problems with insights on website compliance, certificate expirations, security alerts, website performance, and more.

See the entirety of your ecosystem. Our customers discover 15% more digital assets than they knew existed. Nixon scans the web and gives you an overview of your entire website portfolio.

– Gain a comprehensive view of your digital ecosystem.

– Discover 15% more assets with Nixon’s web scanning.

– Obtain a complete overview of your website portfolio.


Get a simple and intuitive dashboard to monitor performance, compliance and security. Our automated checks and user-friendly platform make managing your website effortless. Get valuable insights and recommendations to improve the overall health of your website.

– Simple dashboards for performance, compliance, and security.

– Automated checks and user-friendly tools

– Insights and recommendations to boost website health

Streamline your internal processes by assigning tasks to the right people. Experience time and cost savings with your optimized processes. Automate task assignment, improve efficiency and maximise productivity.

– Streamline your internal processes.

– Assign actions automatically to the right people.

– Save time and money

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More websites found than known by IT

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The Nixon Platform gives you control

Discover your total website portfolio; register your assets in one single source of truth, scan for compliance issues, report and initiate action.

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See how your portfolio is performing at glance. From SEO and accessibility to user experience – see what best practice actions to take to improve performance.

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Privacy Officers

Enforce standardization across all your digitally exposed assets and ensure that every website follows the same privacy and cookie rules.

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IT Services

Get an overview of all your domains. Powerful dashboards and meta-tagging make it easy to manage your entire portfolio and remove any obstacles that could harm your brand reputation and user experience.

How compliant is your website?

See Nixon Digital in action. Get your free custom report that determines your compliance score and urgent issues.

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The right insights to the right people. Nixon helps teams save time scanning and searching for problems. Watch how Nixon Digital helps:

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''We finally have a complete, real-time overview of all our websites and domains. The automated smart scanners save us hours of work and ensure’s we’re directly notified when our compliance framework isn’t correct.

Vincent Visser

Service Delivery Manager Web

Effortless collaboration.
Efficient processes

Switching to Nixon Digital doesn’t overcomplicate things. We easily integrate and work with leading software your teams are already using:

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