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Simplifying Compliance, Perfecting Execution 

In the complex world of website management, ensuring compliance with various regulations—be it GDPR or the new Accessibility Act—can become a daunting task, especially when spread across numerous sites. What starts as a straightforward task can quickly turn complex when … Read More

The Future Without Third-Party Cookies: Embracing SST for Data Processing

Hello there, I am Fabian Knop, the backend developer for the Nixon platform.  Being the backend developer of a web compliance platform like ours means keeping track of current affairs like web compliance and tracking (among other topics).  One of … Read More

Three years of Nixon Digital: An Interview with Co-Founder and CTO, Marcel van Rijn 

Date: June 18th 2024  Interviewer: Tuana Serter (Digital Marketing Intern)    Interviewee: Marcel Van Rijn (Co-Founder and CTO of Nixon Digital)   Discovering a Need in the Market   Tuana: What were you doing right before you founded Nixon Digital, Marcel?   Marcel: Nice … Read More

The Evolving Landscape of Privacy

Hi All, My name is Martijn, and I’m responsible for commercial activities at Nixon Digital. In my role, I interact with various people in the industry and keep an eye on industry trends. Today, I want to discuss the evolving … Read More

Making the Digital World Safer and More Accessible

Hi, I’m Linda Klaver. I studied Communication and Multimedia Design, where I created user interfaces. During my studies, I learned about the importance of intuitive interfaces to ensure that products are easy to use and navigate, which increases user satisfaction.  … Read More

SSL Certificate Validity Drastically Shortened: 90-day Renewals  

Introduction – what is the challenge?   SSL certificates used to be valid for two years but since 2020 this has been shortened to one year. This was enforced through root certificate stores, where SSL certificates were only recognized and trusted … Read More

Google Consent Mode and V2 

Have you configured Google Consent Mode for all your websites… Are you sure? We often see that customers think they have implemented Google Consent Mode when it is actually not the case.   What is Google Consent mode?  Google introduced Consent … Read More

The responsibility of GDPR’s explicit consent

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a data privacy law that came into effect in 2018, has established four main principles that organizations must follow when processing personal data: transparency, consent, security, and rights. … Read More

DNS Management 

As a multinational company, you likely possess a portfolio of diverse brands, operate across international borders, and maintain a variety of websites. The process of getting these websites up and running involves your IT department configuring DNS records, a process … Read More

Why you need GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive privacy law enacted by the European Union (EU), effective May 25, 2018. This regulation is designed to protect personal data of individuals and applies to all entities, including companies, organizations and … Read More